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Maintaining a Synergy Server should be relatively simple if you are familiar with the concept. This Article assumes you are equipped with some expirience with either the Source engine or existing servers.

There are several console variables that have been added to Synergy. I'll start off by listing them here and providing a description if needed.

Variable Name Default Value Description
mp_medkit_givetime 120 Time interval in seconds when player will recieve a medkit
mp_player_dmgscale 1.0 Player damage scale
mp_player_dmgforcescale 1.0 Player damage force scale
mp_crowbar_backdeath 1 Crowbar kills instantly when hit in the back for (0) no one, (1) players only or (2) players and humanoid NPCs
mp_player_carry_push 4000 Push force for when pressing USE key on a heavy physics object
mp_player_carry_mass 35 Maximum mass an object can be for a player USE pickup
mp_player_carry_size 128 Maximum size an object can be for a player USE pickup
sv_allow_thirdperson 1 Allow thirdperson view for players in (0) no games, (1) in coop games or (2) in all games
mp_allowstealing 0 Allow players to take USE pickup objects from other players
mp_equiptype 0 Set loadout type for players - (0) default, (1) no melee/fists or (2) no items and no suit
mp_lifecount 0 Number of player lives (this value will be overridden by some maps
mp_spawntime 120 Time after game has started at which spawning will no longer be available for new players (life system must be active)
mp_spawnplayercount 2 Minimum number of players that must be active in the server for spawn time to set
mp_spawnsystem 0 Spawn system for players - (0) normal, (1) dynamic
synergy_max_weaponsize 50 Maximum space a player has for weapons (overridden by player class or map), use "-1" to disable (unlimited size)
sv_allow_wallhop 0 Allow players to use the test "wall-hop" function
sv_wallhop_scale 512 Power of a wall-hop jump
votesys_allowvotes 1 Server will or will not allow votes
votesys_percent 65 Percentage of agreeable votes require to perform an action

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