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Synergy supports a full custom player model system, where users can add new player models for themselves for use in the game.
All Synergy player models must be compiled into the "models/characters/" directory, otherwise they will not be recognized as a player model.

Before compiling your new player model, you can specify which sounds the player model will use. You can do this by adding some keyvalues to the model's ".qc" file:

$keyvalues {
    "voice" "default" // prefix of soundnames
//    "pitch" "100" // optional, best to leave this one out
The "pitch" key will override the soundscript "pitch" values. So it's not recommended you add this key into your ".qc" file keyvalues.

The value of the "voice" key (in this case, "default") will be the first part of sound name that will be used for this player model:

You can proceed with creating your soundscript for your new player model, by creating one in "scripts/sounds/characters/".

After all that is complete, it would be ideal for you to create a player image so you can see a preview of the player model on the selection menu. This image will be placed in the "materials/vgui/playerimages/" folder,
and a second smaller image should be placed in "materials/vgui/playermodels/characters/" for the HUD player image.

Any raw player model sounds can be placed in an appropriate folder within the "sound/characters/" folder.

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