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Setting up your Source SDK for use with Synergy should be fairly simple for most users. However just in case, this article should help anyone in need to set up their Source SDK for Synergy.

First thing you'll need to do, is locate the "GameConfig.txt" file. Since a recent update, we now use the Episode 1 compile tools. The correct "GameConfig.txt" file is located in your "sourcesdk/bin/ep1/bin" folder.
Once found, open up the file with Notepad and scroll down to the bottom of the file.

You will see this at the very bottom:
	"SDKVersion"		"2"
Copy the following text and paste it before the lines shown above:
			"GameDir"				"<STEAM_DIRECTORY>\SteamApps\SourceMods\synergy"
				"MaterialExcludeCount"	"0"
				"TextureFormat"		"5"
				"MapFormat"		"4"
				"CordonTexture"		"tools\toolsskybox"
				"DefaultTextureScale"	"0.25"
				"DefaultLightmapScale"	"16"
				"DefaultSolidEntity"	"func_detail"
				"DefaultPointEntity"	"info_player_deathmatch"
				"GameExeDir"		"<STEAM_DIRECTORY>\steamapps\<ACCOUNT_NAME>\source sdk base"
				"GameExe"			"<STEAM_DIRECTORY>\steamapps\<ACCOUNT_NAME>\source sdk base\hl2.exe"
				"MapDir"			"<STEAM_DIRECTORY>\steamapps\<ACCOUNT_NAME>\sourcesdk_content\synergy\mapsrc"
				"BSPDir"			"<STEAM_DIRECTORY>\steamapps\SourceMods\synergy\maps"
				"BSP"			"<STEAM_DIRECTORY>\steamapps\<ACCOUNT_NAME>\sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin\vbsp.exe"
				"Vis"			"<STEAM_DIRECTORY>\steamapps\<ACCOUNT_NAME>\sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin\vvis.exe"
				"Light"			"<STEAM_DIRECTORY>\steamapps\<ACCOUNT_NAME>\sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin\vrad.exe"
				"GameData0"		"<STEAM_DIRECTORY>\steamapps\<ACCOUNT_NAME>\sourcesdk\bin\synergy.fgd"
You will need to change the path names to reflect your own hard drive (because you may have chosen a different location to install Steam).
Make sure you replace "<STEAM_DIRECTORY>" with your Steam installation directory and "<ACCOUNT_NAME>" with your Steam account name.

The last thing to do would be to copy the "synergy.fgd" file from your Synergy mod folder to the "sourcesdk/bin" directory, if you would like to use the new entities that have been added to Synergy.

If done correctly, you will now see "Synergy" in the dropdown menu in the Source SDK window.

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