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While playing through Synergy on the Coop or Teamplay game modes, it is important to stay coordinated with your Team and be a good Team Player. Your Team is your strong point.
The more players there are actively in the server, the harder your game will be - so keep your Team alive!

Players are equipped with Player-Dispensible Health Vials (also known as PDHVs). Though these health vials may be used on yourself for some health, it doesn't do nearly as much as it could have done if you used it on your team!

Does your teammate require some ammo? No problem! You can drop some ammo from your active weapon, or pass it to him directly, as long as you've got some in your reserve. Or perhaps you are out of ammo? You can drop your empty weapon to someone who has ammo for that weapon.

It's all about being a Team Player when it comes to coop, or even Teamplay games.

If you're wondering about some of the new functions implemented in Synergy, then you might also want to take a look at the following console commands and variables.

Variable Name Default Value Description
weapondrop N/A Drop your deployed weapon (discard)
weaponholster N/A Holster your weapon, become idle, relax
ammodrop N/A Drop ammo for deployed weapon
cam_voffset_forward -80 Thirdperson view camera forward/back offset
cam_voffset_right -20 Thirdperson view camera right/left offset
cam_voffset_up 10 Thirdperson view camera up/down offset
togglecamera N/A Toggle between first and thirdperson camera views
cl_newdeathview 1 Use new in-eye death view (1) or (0) HL2MP thirdperson death view
cl_spawneffect 3 Changes spawn effect, (0) No effect (1) Dot on the ground (2) Rings of sprites (from b2.3) (3) Sparks
Synergy has support for a functional thirdperson camera view. However the server must have this feature enabled in order for it's use. Use the "togglecamera" command to switch views.

It's also important to keep an eye on your weapon load. Take a look at the image to your right. If you're carrying too much, you will not be able to pick up any new weapons (notice the red section on the load bar). This is known as an "over load". You'll have to drop some weapons to get the other weapon you want.
Also notice the green section on the bar - this indicates the size of your currently active weapon.

Keep an eye out for other players calling for help. They may need health, or covering fire, maybe even some ammo!

If someone is being a real pain-in-the-ass, or you want to play a different map, you may start a vote (if the server allows it) by typing the following into console or player chat:

vote <yes/no> <kick/map> <name of person to kick/map to change to>
For example, to kick a player named "GUY", this is what you would enter:

vote yes kick GUY
Once a vote has been initialized, you may vote with or against the task by typing in:

vote yes
vote no
You may only start a new vote if there is currently no active vote taking place.

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