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This is the Frequently Asked Questions page; all the fast important questions are placed here.

What is "Synergy"?
Synergy is a Half-Life 2 cooperative multiplayer modification. For more information, see the "About" page.
If you are looking for the definition of "synergy", it basically means "two heads are better than one". For a full definition, you should check

What all has been changed in Synergy?
You can see a full Change Log on the main website, on the "Development" page.

Why can I not pick up some weapons, such as the RPG?
Synergy has a new weapon system in place, since Beta 2. Players can now only carry a certain amount (defined either by current player class, level or server variable) of items. Each weapon has its own unique size.
You will be unable to pick up weapons if the weapon in question will "over load" you. In order to pick up the weapon, you will first need to lighten your load. For more information, read the "Playing the Game" section.

When joining a server, I am recieving the "Disconnected: Server uses different class tables" message. Why?
This message means you have different network tables. You or the host's server is out of date (in most cases, clients are out of date). You can fix this by updating to the latest version of Synergy.
Current public version is Beta 2.3.

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