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Version 14
#169 Other Added support for third-party mod, "City 7: Toronto Conflict" By VOSK
on 1/09/2009
#168 Code Fixed many server-crashing bugs for Linux servers, Linux servers should now be fairly stable now (provided that you have "hl2", "episodic" and "ep2" files on a case-insensitive filesystem) By VOSK
on 27/08/2009
#167 Code Fixed bug where certain NPCs would pick up weapons they could not use - physcannon, frag, crossbow By VOSK
on 19/08/2009
#166 Code Fixed bug where in some cases players would get stuck with godmode after leaving a series of point_viewcontrol By VOSK
on 17/08/2009
#165 Code point_viewcontrol that is enabled for all players will also activate for connecting players too, as long as the entity is active By VOSK
on 16/08/2009
#164 Code Players that are outside of the transition volume and get teleported to the other players, will now be put into a ducked state if need be By VOSK
on 16/08/2009
#163 Code player_loadsaved now reloads the last save point, or resets all entities on the map, instead of doing a changelevel By VOSK
on 16/08/2009
#162 Code Updated info_player_equip to be more easy to use; it now provides options in the entity properties window 161 July 12, 2009> point_viewcontrol with "All Players" and "Start at Player" spawnflags, will now start at the activating player, if one By VOSK
on 16/08/2009
#161 Code Added new donor information window to display the user's Steam ID and to provide some guidance By VOSK
on 21/06/2009
#160 Code Cheat flag removed from variable "thirdperson_mayamode" By VOSK
on 19/06/2009
#159 Code Updated to new Source SDK code base (includes TF2 animation system, TF2 player avoidance code, hopefully stability) By VOSK
on 19/06/2009
#158 Code Added new Voting System with GUI enabling players to vote change level, kick player, change skill level and restore game to last save point By VOSK
on 25/05/2009
#157 Code Spawn Timer is no longer visible to players By VOSK
on 20/03/2009
#156 Code Fixed bug where "stuck" command would crash the server if a player used it while in a vehicle By VOSK
on 20/03/2009
#155 Code Fixed bug where env_laser and env_beam wouldn't hurt players because the traceline started in the wall By VOSK
on 15/03/2009
#154 Code Fixed bug where players could execute some debug commands and potentially cause server crashes By VOSK
on 14/03/2009
#153 Code Added two new player voice command options ("Lead On" and "Let's Go") as well as one new automatic one (player death) By VOSK
on 6/03/2009
#152 Code Added functionality for mp_respawntime - set value higher than zero to get a respawn time instead of campaign gameplay By VOSK
on 6/03/2009
#151 Code Added server command sv_restart_map to reset the map to the last auto-save point (or to the beginning of the level) By VOSK
on 6/03/2009
#150 Code Added convar mp_friendlyfire_scale for server admins By VOSK
on 5/03/2009
#149 Code Added ability to utilize AutoSaves within multiplayer game By VOSK
on 5/03/2009
#148 Code Removed maxplayers limit crashing server By VOSK
on 5/03/2009
#147 Code Fixed bug where impulse 51 was not flagged as a cheat By VOSK
on 13/02/2009
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